Feel empowered and comfortable with the REAL YOU...

Embrace & celebrate your own essence.

Stay true to yourself!

Farah Manjoo is a Female and Kids Empowerment Coach, a mother to 3 beautiful children and the founder of Baraaqa Healing Sanctuary and Learning Centre based in Stanger, Ballito and Durban. She offers her services on Skype and Zoom worldwide. She is passionate about making a difference and adding value to people's lives. She empowers women to overcome life's challenges and inspires them to access their true potential and pursue their dreams...achieving an authentic life filled with happiness, success and peace. She offers a holistic approach to healing and empowerment and specialises in the Journey therapy, Brain Gym, Educational Kinesiology, Life coaching and Aafiyah healing.


This amazing package has just been launched for the holiday/festive season.


This is the ideal time to invest in yourself and your highest visions. This program consists of six magical one-on-one sessions with Farah Manjoo which will enable you to discover your true authentic self and shining potential.


Are you living a double life, being untrue to yourself, or perhaps you have shattered your own dreams to live up to others or be in their shadow? Then this program is just for you...


Grab this opportunity to work on your inner being through healing your fears, disappointments and unfulfillment, so that you can finally acknowledge who you are in essence.


Use the holidays wisely to discover who you are, what is hiding behind your mask and your true worth, thus revealing the magnificent diamond that you are. The world needs more of the goodness you have to offer and the value you can add to the world.


Embark on a complete transformational journey of self discovery and self mastery, discovering the REAL YOU and all that you are meant to be.


Take off that mask you hide behind and embrace your pure beauty and greatness. You have all you need inside of you to achieve your highest potential and to shine!


Break down of the sessions:

3 Journey therapy sessions

(90 minutes each)

2 Brain Gym balance sessions

(1 hour each)

1 Goal achievement and vision quest session

(1 hour)


Once you release yourself from false identities and break free from who you thought you give birth to a whole new authentic you aligning yourself with your future goals and dreams.


Pay only R4750 and invest in yourself & future.


Once off payment - R4750

Two payments - R2400

(You may choose the option of once off payment or the 2 month payment plan)


Special price for all 6 sessions done in Stanger: 

R4550 (once off)

R2295 ( payments done over 2 months)


Normal price for this package program is usually R5100.

You are saving up to R550 if you book for this program in December.


EFT, Cash and Visa and MasterCards payments are accepted.


International clients can pay via paypal/payfast at a special price of $600.(payment made in dollars)


Bookings for this program start from the 3rd of December 2018 and ends on the 31 January 2019. 

Therefore the 6 week program can be used within a period of 8 weeks. 

Feel free to express who you truly are in every way. Feel proud to be an authentically FREE and abundant life...⚘


What can you expect from working with Farah...


5 REASONS that make her services unique:


1. Quality services of International standards 

2. Affordability & value for money

3. Quick results

4. High standards of integrity 

5. Client confidentiality 


You can expect a safe and non judgemental space to express your deepest emotions and problems. The therapeutic environment in which her therapies take place will leave you feeling uplifted and energised after every session.


Home support and post session guidance is provided in which she will teach you her top secrets and self empowering tools which will maintain the positive new shifts and boost your progress...Reaping the benefits of seeing faster results.


Farah Manjoo, Female & Kids Empowerment Coach at Baraaqa is an academic who has achieved many merits of excellence in Education, Psychology, Business, Sales & Marketing. She is also highly reccomended in her field as an Internationally Accredited Journey Practitioner, Brain Gym Therapist, Life Skills Coach and Aafiyah Healing Practitioner.


She combines all of her skills and knoweledge acquired over the last 14 years, including alternate therapy and her spiritual teachings, in order to offer her clients the best approach with a complete holistic balance of mind, body and spirit.


Her mission at Baraaqa is to help you heal and move forward, becoming the new positive empowered you in the shortest space of time. Farah is also empathetic and she genuinely cares and wants to make a difference, see you grow and flourish, find your purpose and lead a more fulfilling life.


She helps you to help and empower yourself...that's Farah's amazing job at Baraaqa. Why go for years of therapy, waiting to see a difference, when you can create the life you really want instantly, within just a few weeks.


Check out her reviews on Baraaqa's facebook page and website to read up more on her clients' experiences and fantastic results.



We are open till the 22nd December & reopen on the 7th January.

(Stanger sessions are available till the 27th December)


1. Stanger - No 1 First Street Newtown 


2. Ballito - 1 Salt Rock Rd. Tiffany's shopping centre 


3. Durban - 223 Windermere Rd, Morning side - Berea


If you out of the KZN...No problem!

Book for a consultation via telephone, whatapps call, Skype or Zoom video call.


Schedule an Online Booking on my Acuity Scheduling link:  


Are you still looking for the perfect gift but have not found the right one yet?


The gift of healing and transformation is priceless..🙌🎁


Purchase a gift voucher now in December and it will be valid till end of February 2019.


This gift voucher is suitable for a 1 hour adult session and can be used for any of my services during that time....or you could get a taster of everything I offer all in 1 hour.


If you purchase 2 gift vouchers, you could use one for yourself and give one away as a gift...You still qualify for the discounted price plus a FREE GIFT. 🎁💫🌈

Farah was documented on SABC 3- An Nur- The light. Her heart warming life story and business, Baraaqa were featured and profiled. Catch her in action on the link below...She has show cased all of her amazing services.

Check out my website for more info on my services.

Farah Manjoo's interview on ITV on LET'S TALK. She discussed marital issues, its negative impact on children and a healthier way forward. Parents can benefit from this emotional and psychological empowerment. Click on the link below-


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